'A picture is worth a thousand words.'
15, just another girl who wants to change her life. I love you all guys out there.


bikini boot camp by tone it up | view video here!

(via gymra)

10 Delicious Vegetarian Sandwiches →


Do you want to know what the eternal struggle of vegetarians is (aside from complimentary meals in planes having meat in them 150% of the time)? The fact that every damn sandwich seems to have meat. And the ones that don’t are usually just lettuce and tomato and if you’re really lucky it has…


10 Cardio Moves. Do each move for 30-60 seconds. Repeat once or twice. Burn 300 plus calories.


okay now i have to gain back the weight i lost due to my surgery 👊💪so i had three Big slices of my coconut banana bread topped with banana and peanut/almondbutter! i’m still craving fruit :(

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